More About Databolic

Databolic was formed in 2000 by partners Robert Pelletier and Patrick Kohler who had previously worked together for several years and between them already had many years of experience in the enterprise accounting and software development industries.  Since then Databolic has developed many custom add-on programs and modules for ERP systems from Sage, Epicor, Microsoft, and others, and has become known as a goto consulting resource for ERP implementations that require extensive customizations and integrations.

What services do we provide?

Databolic provides software development and business systems consulting in the fields of accounting, distribution, order processing, field service, and customer relationship management (CRM). Within these categories we provide services related to specific products that meet our quality standards. This list of products may change over time as new products are added and some are either dropped by the publisher or no longer meet our standards.

Who are our customers and how do they benefit?

Virtually any business that uses ERP software will benefit from our services; however we are specialists in providing the above services for the middle market. Companies in the middle market for ERP software require relatively sophisticated multi-user business systems with state of the art data tracking and reporting capabilities, often interfaced with web sites or other systems. However, these companies do not have the resources or desire to support a specialized programming staff or maintain the custom code such a staff would create. Instead, middle market companies can take advantage of the economies of scale associated with the purchase of open standards package software. By choosing the right system, a middle market company can get the best of both worlds, obtaining custom application programming only where necessary while letting the software publisher worry about keeping ahead of the technology curve for their core system. This model is so successful even large enterprises are beginning to migrate to it. Our middle market clients are the driving force behind the direction of the ERP software industry, and we are here to keep that direction in focus for our clients.

Contact Information

Please feel free to use the information provided at the bottom of this page to contact us about the services we provide or to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss establishing a relationship with us.


Robert Pelletier – President

Robert grew up in Southern California, attended USC, and pursued a career in the music industry until the late 1980's.  During that time he developed an interest in computers learning to program synthesizers and other studio gear.  He even created a Lotus based accounting ledger for his father's family business.  After returning to college to learn software programming, he worked as a developer for CompuSource, a provider of UNIX-based business software for the construction, service, manufacturing, and financial industries, eventually becoming a highly successful project manager working with customers and the CompuSource team members to coordinate complicated implementations.  A desire to be part of the newly developing client/server and database technologies being deployed by Microsoft and others led Robert to move on to partner with several successful ERP integrators such as T/1 Information Systems, ACT, and ePartners.  After meeting and working with Patrick Kohler at ACT and ePartners in the mid to late 1990's, Robert and Patrick formed Databolic in 2000 and continue to enjoy success in the ERP software industry.



Patrick Kohler – Executive Vice President

Patrick grew up in Southern California, attended Orange Coast College, California State University in Long Beach, and pursued a career in accounting and finance until the mid-1990's. During this time Patrick worked with several international companies where he was involved in multiple ERP systems conversions and implementations.  A desire to be part of the newly developing ERP industry led Patrick to move on to partner with ACT and ePartners, both successful ERP systems integrators.  After meeting and working with Robert Pelletier at ACT and ePartners in the mid to late 1990's, Patrick and Robert formed Databolic in 2000 and continue to enjoy success in the ERP software industry.


Our Mission

To advocate the interests of our clients while providing them with the best knowledge, services and products possible.