Technical Support

Databolic provides technical support via email.  If you need assistance, please send your support request the the following email address:

To reduce the time it will take to investigate and resolve your issue please try to include the following information in your message:

  1. The system in which you are working (MAS 500, Epicor, etc.)

  2. What you are trying to do and what happened exactly.  For example:

    "I was trying to enter a new credit memo and apply it to an invoice that is on file with a balance.  The credit memo is larger than the invoice so this would result in a credit balance.  When I try to save the credit memo I receive the message Error 123 Subscript Out Of Range"

  3. If possible, please send us screen shots showing the screen you are working in, and the error message you receive if any.
    With the relevant screen displayed, press Alt-Prnt Scrn on your keyboard to capture the screen shot.  Then open MS Word and paste the screen shot into a document that you can attach to your email message


If you already have an appointment for us to connect to your workstation with Citrix GotoAssist please click the following link to start the process: